“This moving, heart-warming book is not just a candid narrative on an individual’s journey to find herself in a world of complex relationships, opinions and whims. It is in fact a rich repository of deep, hard-learnt wisdom – on pathos, determination, evolution, adaptability, survival, hope and most of all, that extraordinary human quality we call motherhood. Latané’s keen descriptions across the American landscape – from the suburbs of North Carolina to the urban anguish of Los Angeles – is a metaphor for her own evolving aspirations as a loving parent, aspiring professional and conscientious human being. If you have ever wondered how your life is being shaped every day, not only by the people closest to you, but also by the physical world you choose to live in; or if you need a jolt of genuine inspiration on your stake in a complex world, then this is the book for you!”

— Vinayak Bharne, author of Zen Spaces & Neon Places: Reflections of Japanese Architecture and Urbanism


BRAVE NEW WOMAN: Settings for Motherhood and Activism

Brave New Woman: Settings for Motherhood and Activism is a book about finding my voice and place through marriage, moves, motherhood, and divorce. I am currently seeking a publisher and agent for this finished, 80,000 word memoir about how the places I’ve lived shaped the way I lived in them.

Brave New Woman tells of my journey through two decades, five neighborhoods – each one more urban than the last – and two relationships that shaped me and my idea of home and self. Each move brought me closer to where and how I wanted to live. Each place raised my awareness about what made a community. Through time and place I learned to stand up for who and where I was. Brave New Woman is a story of empowerment for those in search of a voice, a place, a community.


Happily Ever Before: Chapel Hill, NC

The Sticks: Buladean, NC

Small Town, U.S.A.: Statesville, NC

The ‘Burbs: Cornelius, NC

Bedroom Community: Diamond Bar, CA

LaLa-Land: Los Angeles, CA

Becoming an I

Setting Roots


Making Home