Claire Latané (la-ta-nay) is a writer and ecological designer. She is an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). Claire practiced landscape architecture for EPTDESIGN and Studio-MLA before starting her own consultancy: Design with Mental Health in Mind. She applies landscape architecture and neuroscience research connecting designed environments with mental health, safety, academic success, and physical and social outcomes to create healthier school and community environments. Her book Schools That Heal: Design with Mental Health in Mind, was released by Island Press in June 2021. This work began with support from the Landscape Architecture Foundation, the Association for Women in Architecture Foundation, the Prevention Institute, and Cal Poly Pomona’s department of landscape architecture. Claire is a founding member of the Los Angeles Living Schoolyard Coalition and founded and organized the year-long Emergency Schoolyard Design Volunteers program with the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative. In 2021 she founded the Collaborative for Healthy and Inclusive Learning Environments through Cal Poly Pomona’s Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies.


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Dr. Magda Mostafa on the ASPECTSS™ of Architecture for Autism

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Child Mind Institute

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