Who Lives Here?

November 25th
The train rolls through the backside of cities, past loading docks of old industrial buildings adorned with faded painted monikers and fresh graffiti. Heading out of Dallas-Fort Worth, under the gleaming skyline, we pass the common visage of suburban growth: curving cul-de-sacs lined with crisp new homes and newly-planted twig trees across a fence from sagging clapboard colonials heavy with leaves beneath mature oaks.

Our route is dotted with quaint and quiet Mayberry’s telling the tale of a pre-urban America. Little train stations still serve the once bustling towns, and a few cars line up at the crossings when we pass. I can’t help but dream of life there. So many sweet small towns far enough away from the freeway to be spared the curse of Wal-Mart-ization. What are the stories of those who live here? How do they make their living? What would life be like so far from the frenetic noise of the city?